Flotrol Potential Side Effects

We are glad that you landed on this page. We congratulate you as most people forget to even check on the potential side effects of using a new product. They get so caught up in the allure of what the product can do for them, they don't even think about how it could harm them.

As you may have learned on another page of our website, Flotrol is an all natural bladder support supplement. This means that all the ingredients inside of this bladder medicine are homeopathic. There are no additives or harmful ingredients inside of Flotrol.

No Side Effects - Just Better Bladder Health Made Simple.

flotrol side effects

The main ingredients inside of the powerful Flotrol support supplement are soybean germ and pumpkin seed extracts. These both have been used for centuries as a way to help improve bladder health. The makers of Flotrol have combined these two effective ingredients into one easy-to-take pill.