Flotrol Herbal Tablets Ingredients

When it comes to taking control over your bladder problems, Flotrol is the simple and effective answer. There's no guessing game. Flotrol has been clinically proven to work. Let's take a look at what makes this bladder control supplement so dang effective in both men and women.

flotrol herbal ingredients

Soybean Germ Extract

The first major ingredient inside of the Flotrol bladder support formula is soybean germ extract. Soybeans have been produced for centuries as a way to fuel the body. We are sure you have eaten them roasted or ground up with other foods. However, their uses go beyond feeding the body.

Soybean germ extract specifically supplies the muscles with estrogen. Yes, this is important for guys too. The estrogen provides the basis for strengthening and maintaining the muscles of the bladder. As you may have learned already, urine leakage is caused by weak bladder muscles.


The band-like muscles that surround the bladder, called the sphincters, are weak in those who experience urinary incontinence. By ingesting soybean germ extract, the body is supplied with the estrogen it needs to rebuild those sphincter muscles so they don't allow urine to leak.

Pumpkin seed extract

The second major ingredient in the Flotrol medicine is pumpkin seed extract. This extract has actually been used since the Native Americans to help with bladder health. Although they didn't understand how this extract worked on a cellular level, they did discover that it worked well.


Pumpkin seed extract is responsible for reducing the involuntary contractions of the detrusor muscle of the body. The detrusor muscle is responsible for sensing when the bladder is almost full.

The detrusor muscle contracts when the bladder is full to signify to your body that it needs to release the urine in the bladder. In those suffering from an overactive bladder the detrusor muscle contracts involuntarily, even when the bladder is not full. This can lead to urine leakage.

The Clinical Results

clinical results from flotrol use

You don't have to look too hard online to find many studies about both soybean germ and pumpkin seed extract. Many studies have shown marked improvement in bladder health with the consumption of just one of these ingredients.

"The makers of Flotrol wanted to do better."

They combined both these ingredients to ensure you get the best bladder support that is possible. In a recent clinical study, participants were instructed to take the recommended daily dosage of Flotrol for multiple weeks. Participants showed significant improvements after just the first week. The improvements continued to last for the remaining weeks in the study.