Flotrol Bladder Control Supplement

Finally, Natural Bladder Support Without A Prescription!

flotrol bladder control

When your bladder is not working correctly, it affects how you live every aspect of your life. Suddenly, you become more worried about where the closest bathroom is instead of enjoying the company around you. It's time to put a stop to bladder problems.

Flotrol Can Help Your Overactive Bladder!

A healthy bladder is able to hold up to five hundred milliliters of urine. When you urinate the ring-like bands of muscles, which are called sphincters, are relaxing and contracting around your bladder. These sphincters control your stop and start.

Another muscle in the bladder you should be aware of is the detrusor muscle. This muscle is responsible for signaling to the body that your bladder is full. The detrusor makes its signal by contracting when the bladder is reaching close to its limits.

Understanding An Unhealthy Bladder

A person with an unhealthy bladder, also known as an overactive bladder, has a specific problem with their detrusor muscle. This muscle is contracting well before the bladder is reaching its full limit. Hence, this is why this bladder problem is referred to as an 'overactive' bladder. 

As the detrusor muscle contracts too early, weak sphincter muscles can allow for a release of urine. This results in slight leakage, or in some cases, incontinence. Building up the strength of all the muscles in the bladder is the key to stopping these unfavorable bladder conditions.

Those who experience the constant need to urinate are suffering from an overactive bladder. It's very common for little to no urine to be released when you reach the bathroom. Leaving an overactive bladder untreated can lead to emotional, psychological, and social well being issues.

It's time to take back CONTROL with Flotrol Bladder Support.

Don't let your overactive bladder start taking over the way you live your life. By using the all-natural Flotrol bladder support supplement you can strength the bladder muscles effectively.

There are two main ingredients inside of the Flotrol formula that make it so effective when it comes to bladder health. These are soybean germ extract and pumpkin seed extract. Both of these ingredients have been used for hundreds of years as an ancient remedy for bladder issues.


Soybean germ extract has been proven to boost estrogen levels in the body which results in strengthening of the bladder muscles. Pumpkin seed extract is geared towards reducing the number of involuntary contractions of the detrusor muscle.

Participants that took Flotrol noticed marked improvement in urinary health and their overall quality of life within the first full-week of use. The study continued to show marked improvement in all participants through the succeeding weeks.

Recommended Dosages

Flotrol bladder support is intended to be used as a daily bladder supplement. You will be instructed per the label on your bottle to take more of the supplement in the first few weeks to ensure you get enough in your body. After the initial weeks, you will be instructed to decrease your daily dosage.

You should be taking 5 tablets each day for the first two weeks. After the initial two weeks of taking Flotrol, you should decrease your daily dosage to 3 tablets per day. You should notice significant improvement in your bladder health within the first two weeks. Weeks three and beyond are utilized to maintain your new level of bladder health with a reduced daily dosage.

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